Caroline Burberry

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., 2008, Imperial College, London

Structure-tectonics, Petroleum geology, Remote sensing

Contact Information

206 Bessey Hall

I am interested in the deformation and petroleum potential of mountain belts and their associated basins worldwide, using satellite images, sandbox modeling, fieldwork and integration with available depth data. To date, I have worked in a number of fold belt-foreland basin settings, including the Zagros Simply Folded Belt, Iran-Iraq, the Rocky Mountain Front Range, Montana, the Kalimantan fold-thrust belt, Indonesia and the Llanos Basin in Colombia. Whilst at UNL I am planning to investigate triangle zone structures along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, using both fieldwork and analog modeling methods, as well as fracture networks within the "gangplank" region of Nebraska.

Selected Publications

  • Burberry, C.M, Cosgrove, J.W. & Liu, J-G., 2010, A Study of Fold Amplification and Deformation style using the evolution of the land surface: Zagros Simply Folded Belt, Iran., Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 330, 139-154.

  • Burberry, C.M., Greb, M.D., Laughland, M., 2010, Integrated remote sensing, structural and petroleum systems modeling of the Iraqi-Kurdish fold belt., AAPG Annual Meeting.

  • Burberry, C.M., Murphy, B., Heller, I., Cosgrove, J., Liu, J-G, 2009, High-resolution satellite imagery as an initial exploration tool – examples from the Zagros Simply Folded Belt, Iran-Iraqi Kurdistan , AAPG Annual Meeting 2009.

  • Burberry, C.M., cannon, D.L., Cosgrove, J., Engelder, T., Koyi, H. & Nilfouroushan, F., 2009, Triangle Zone Traps – an under-represented play type in fold-thrust belts?, AAPG Annual Meeting 2009.

  • Burberry, C.M, Cosgrove, J.W. & Liu, J-G., 2008, Landform morphology and drainage pattern characteristics as an indicator of fold type in the Zagros Simply Folded Belt, Iran. , Journal of Maps, v2008, 417-430.