Careers in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

The world is your lab
The world is your lab

Career Possibilities in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

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With your bachelor’s degree in Meteorology-Climatology you will be prepared for employment with federal agencies such as the National Weather Service, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, National Park Service, and military. You can also work in private weather consulting, broadcast meteorology, and the agriculture, education, and energy sectors.

Employment of recent Nebraska graduates includes: Meteorologist, National Weather Service; Weather Officer, US Air Force; Information Management Specialist, National Park Service; Meteorologist, Weather or Not, Inc.; Meteorologist/Programmer, Northrup Grumman; Meteorologist, Lockheed Martin; Meteorologist, Sonoma Technology, Inc.; Broadcast Meteorologist (various TV stations)


The employment outlook in Geology is excellent, especially in the fields of petroleum geology and environmental geology. Several topical issues present challenges — and employment opportunities — for geologists, including decreasing energy, mineral, and water resources; increasing concerns about environmental protection; climate change and its effect on sea level, coastal erosion, and flooding; and predicting and mitigating natural hazards such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and landslides.

Employment of recent Nebraska graduates includes: Engineer Officer, US Army; Environmental Specialist, University of Nebraska; Exploration Geologist, Euro Exploration Services; Mudlogger, Horizon Well Logging LLC; Physical Scientist, US Geological Survey; Staff Geologist, Cameco Resources; Staff Geologist, Power Resources Inc.