Robert Oglesby

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Professor Earth & Atmospheric Sciences 402-472-1507 221 Bessey Hall

My research involves climate modeling with an emphasis on land surface-atmosphere interactions, especially regarding the roles of soil moisture, snow cover, and tropical deforestation. A main thrust is towards predictability of precipitation on seasonal and longer time scales. An additional thrust is the relative effects of deforestation and greenhouse-gas induced climate change for Central America . I also have interests in the study of past climates, especially glacial inception and links between paleo-dunes and climate. Other past and present research interests include (i) sensitivity of climate as modeled by a GCM to systematic changes in CO 2 . The study also includes assessment of model stability via very long integrations. (ii) Model improvements and validation, especially for snow cover and sea ice, both of which are handled very crudely in all GCMs at present. (iii) Assessment of weather and climate regimes responsible for occurrences of drought during the past several thousand years in the Great Plains and upper Midwest of the US and Canada.

Selected Publications

  • Michaels, A., K.R. Laird, S.E. Wilson, D. Thomson, P.R. Leavitt, R.J. Oglesby, and B.F. Cummings, 2007, Multi-decadal to millennial-scale shifts in drought conditions on the Canadian prairies over the past six millenai: Implications for future drought assessment, Global Change Biology, 13, 1295-1307.
  • Hernandez, J.L., J. Srikishen, D.J. Erickson III, R.J. Oglesby, D. Irwin, 2006, A regional climate study of Central America using the MM5 modeling system: Results and comparison to observations, Int. J. Clim., 26(15), 2161-2179.
  • Sridhar, V., Loope, D.B., Swinehart, J.B., Mason, J.A., Oglesby, R.J., and Rowe, C.M., 2006, Large Wind Shift on the Great Plains during the Medieval Warm Period, Science, 313, 345-347.
  • Bromwich, D. H., E. R. Toracinta, R. J. Oglesby, J. L. Fastook, and T. J. Hughes, 2005, LGM Summer Climate on the Southern Margin of the Laurentide Ice Sheet: Wet or Dry?, Journal of Climate, 18, 3317-3338.
  • Oglesby, R.J., M.Y. Stephens, and B. Saltzman, 2005, The Influence of Ocean Thermocline Temperatures on the Earth's Surface Climate, J. Clim., 18, 2222-2246.
  • Evans, J.P., R.B. Smith, and R.J. Oglesby, 2004, Middle East climate simulation and dominant precipitation processes, Int. J. of Clim., 24, 1671-1694.
  • Laird, K.R, B.F. Cummings, S. Wunsam, J.A. Rusak, R.J. Oglesby, S.C. Fritz, and P.R. Leavitt, 2003, Lake sediments record large-scale shifts in moisture regimes across the northern prairies of North America during the past two millennia, PNAS, 100(5), 2483-2488.
  • Marshall, S., R.J. Oglesby, and A.W. Nolin, 2003, The Predictability of Winter Snow Cover over the Western United States, J. Climate, 16(7), 1062-1073.
  • Oglesby, R.J., S. Marshall , D.J. Erickson III, J.O. Roads, and F.R. Robertson, 2002, Thresholds in atmosphere-soil moisture interactions: Results from climate model studies, Journal of Geophysical Research, 107(D14), doi:10.1029/2001JD001045.