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Sugar Model

I strive to use as many hands-on activities or demonstrations in class as possible - one example being the sugar-based fold-thrust belts that come to many structure and tectonics classes.  Where possible, I add a field component to my courses as so much geology makes sense only when seen in context!

Core Courses

Students studying outdoorsPrinciples of Structural Geology (GEOL 400). This course covers the development of faults and folds and provides you with the necessary skills to reconstruct the deformational history of the area in which you are interested

Advanced Structural Geology (GEOL 940). This course revisits the geo-mechanical and structural concepts developed in GEOL 400 and provides an introduction to techniques and concepts necessary in the field of hydrocarbon exploration.

Tectonics (GEOL 440/840) This course covers the evolution of the earth's crust and continents, from the earliest Precambrian time to present-day deformation regimes. The focus is on N American geology, but other key tectonic events are also discussed.

Dynamic Earth (GEOL 101) This course is designed to teach you something about the wonders of the world in which you live and to encourage you to think in a scientific fashion.

The Walker Trip (GEOL 260) This is a 9 day trip across the Western USA, looking at spectacular geology.  The course is aimed at freshmen and sophomores, aiming to expose them to outcrop that is not present in NE.

Additional Courses

Teaching additional resources indoors

Geology of North America (GEOS 898). This course is part of the NMSSI listings and is aimed at science teachers. It runs for 1 week during the summer, with 5 full days of teaching. We look at the theory of plate tectonics, and explore the component parts of that theory with North American examples

Seminar in Structural Geology and Tectonics (GEOL 945). This is a discussion and learning session for members of the Structural Geology Research Group

Independent research (GEOL 498/898).  I am always willing to discuss independent study options!  Email me at

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