Geophysics Research Group


We are hiring!!!

UNL Geophysics team is currently looking for an Undergraduate Research Assistant to work on the Norwegian margin project. The workload is up to 10 hrs /week during the Fall 2023. The job duties include managing the database of various geophysical data, helping with the ongoing research project, and participating in team activities. Interested geology majors, please contact Dr. Filina (

Prospective students

If you are interested in joining the UNL Geophysics Research Group, please contact Dr. Filina ( BEFORE you apply. In this case, I can look through your application to see if you are a good match for my group before you pay your application fee.   

UCARE students

Dr. Filina can offer a number of UCARE projects focused on the integrative analysis of multiple geophysical datasets. These may be local geophysical projects focused on studying geological structures in Nebraska (such as the Midcontinent rift) or the analysis of the recent and ongoing seismicity in Central Nebraska, or various projects focused on the tectonics of the Gulf of Mexico. Moreover, potential students are encouraged to come up with their own ideas for geophysical research worldwide. Examples of past UCARE projects that were initiated by an undergraduate student are the geophysical analysis of the newly proposed continent of Zealandia (conducted by Claire Richardson) or the development and testing of the drone-based airborne magnetic surveying system by Erik Jacobson. If you are interested in the UCARE project within the UNL Geophysics group, please contact Dr. Filina.

Independent Geophysical Research options for current UNL students

Dr. Filina supervises a number of independent geophysical researches conducted mostly by undergraduate students. The research must be presented (mandatory) either as a poster at the Spring UNL Research Fair or at one or more professional meetings. The examples of past independent research projects are listed below:

  • Developing and Assembling the HUSKERS Seismometer, conducted by Evan Parsons, presented at the Nebraska Academy of Sciences (2019) and during the UNL Spring Research Fair (2019)
  • Subsurface structures of Nebraska from joint analysis of potential fields and earthquake data, conducted by Kris Guthrie, presented at the Geological Society of America (2017, 2018) and at the Nebraska Academy of Sciences (2018), received an award from the Geological Society of America as a Runner-up for the best student presentation in 2018. The results are published here.
  • Integrated geophysical analysis in the Southern Gulf of Mexico, conducted by Lucas Hartford, presented at Nebraska Academy of Science annual meeting (2018) and Annual AAPG convention (2018). Paper in Marine and Petroleum Geology published in 2021.
  • Geophysical study in Niger delta, conducted by Eliott Carley, presented in Solid Earth Open House meeting at UNL in 2017

Testimonials from the graduates of the UNL Geophysics team:

Khawlh Al Farsi: I was a part of the geophysics team during the Fall2020 & Spring 2021 academic year supervised by Dr. Irina Filina. It was such a great opportunity in terms of gaining a sense of how researchers work individually and as a group at the same time in such a working environment. I’ve worked with old and different qualities of the geophysical database for a year and it helped me developing my data analysis skills and generating my own 2d geophysical model that I’ve included in my bachelor graduation thesis. I totally and strongly recommend geology undergraduates who have or have not find their area of interest to try out and join the geophysics team!

Erik Jacobson: I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you for teaching me, advising me, and putting your trust in me as I finally obtained my degree. Without the opportunities you have given me I would not have nearly any experience in research, academic writing, time management, GIS, drone science, and many more skills needed for my professional development. ... I interviewed well enough they hired me for a bit more prestigious position that had become available during our interviews. I fit the bill for them for this position because of my knowledge of GIS, geology, and experience with academic writing. For this experience, I must once again thank you.

Lucas Hartford: I was very recently promoted to Geophysicist (I've been working as a Construction Inspector for the past year).  I have been doing some magnetic surveys and GPR work recently.  I have a seismic reflection and resistivity project in Bismarck, North Dakota next month that I am very excited for. This will be the first time I've gotten to use either of those methods professionally!

Hannah Botten: Thank you so much for all you have done for me!

Hannah Botten

Patrick Szopinski: Thank you very much for your support and investment in getting me to where I am today! They [my company] were very impressed when I told them about my thesis, and I think that was a key factor in me landing the job in the first place, so thank you very much for helping me make it as good as possible!

Kris GuthrieThe Geophysics Research Team was a great experience.  There was a very welcoming environment with the professors and students constantly supporting each other.  All criticisms were constructive and everyone pitched in with suggestions on how to improve presentations.