Geophysics Research Group


Dr. Filina teaches the following courses:


GEOL441/841      Geophysics

                         Geophysical techniques to study the Earth: seismology, gravity, magnetics and heat flow. Students enrolled in this class participate in the Football Induced Seismicity project.

                        Prereqs: PHYS 142 or PHYS 212

                         This course is offered every Fall semester


GEOL442/842      Environmental Geophysics

                         Introduction to the principles of seismic, ground-penetrating radar, and bore-hole geophysical methods and their application to groundwater, engineering, environmental, and archaeological investigations.

                        Prereqs: MATH 107; PHYS 211; GEOL 101 or 106; or equivalent or permission.

                         This course will be offered in Spring 2025

GEOL445/845      Advanced Geophysics 

                           Integrative analysis of geophysical data (gravity, magnetics, seismic) with geological information (well logs, tectonic history, etc.)

                        Prereqs: GEOL 441/841.

                         This course is offered in the Spring semester of 2024


GEOL446/846      Exploration Geophysics 

                           Geophysical methods used for petroleum exploration: potential fields, seismology, electrical and electromagnetic surveying.

                        Prereqs:  GEOL441/841 or Instruction Permission

                         This course will be offered if there is enough interest from students. Please contact Dr. Filina is interested.


GEOL947    Seminar in Geophysics

                      An essential seminar for graduate students that use geophysical methods in their research.


GEOL/METR/453/853    GIS in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

                       Basic concepts of GIS, hands-on experience with various case studies from geology, meteorology, climatology and environmental applications.

                      Prereqs: Junior or above standing; and one of the following: GEOL 100 or 101, or METR 100

                      This course will be offered in Fall 2023 and is planned again for Fall 2025. 

GEOL498/898    Field Methods in Geophysics

                       Collecting multiple geophysical datasets in Nebraska with instrumentation from UNL Geophysics Lab; data processing and interpretation

                      This course was offered in Fall 2019. It will be offered again if there is enough interest from students. Please let me know!


GEOL498/898    Basin Analysis

                       Principles and application to petroleum play assessment

                      This course was offered once for graduate students only. Will be offered if there is enough interest from students seeking a petroleum-oriented career. Please let me know if you want this class!