UNL Geophysics Group


The Geophysics Research Group exists at the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences since August 2016. Unlike many other geophysical research programs that focus on application or development of a single geophysical method, our group, led by Dr. Irina Filina, utilizes the integrative approach in geophysical data analysis. We are looking for the answer (i.e. geological model of the subsurface) that fits ALL available geophysical data and remains geologically valid. The data we use include seismic (reflections, refractions, earthquakes), gravity and magnetics both from public domain sources, as well as acquired by our own instruments.


Our group conducts research in several major directions:

  • Tectonic history of the Gulf of Mexico
  • Geophysical studies in Nebraska
  • Crustal structures of the Cascadia subduction zone
  • Investigating the continental status of Zealandia

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Geophysics classes

Dr. Filina teaches the following courses:

Course ID

Course title


Semester offered


Introduction to Geophysics

Geophysical techniques to study the Earth: seismology, gravity, magnetics and heat flow.

Every Fall


Advanced Geophysics

Integrative analysis of geophysical data (gravity, magnetics, seismic) with geological information (well logs, tectonic history, etc.)

Spring semester of every even year

(next will be taught in Spring 2020)


Exploration Geophysics

Geophysical methods used for petroleum exploration: potential fields, seismology, electrical and electromagnetic surveying.

Spring semester of every odd year

(next will be taught in Spring 2021)

GEOL498/ 898

ArcGIS in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Basic principles of ArcGIS

Offered in Fall 2019


Basin Analysis

Principles and application to petroleum play assessment

Will be offered if there is enough interest from students seeking petroleum-oriented career. Please let Dr. Filina know if you want this class!