Student funding
Student funding

Our department has a long history of generous alumni support for the geology program. All of the scholarships that we offer are the result of donations and consequently have been earmarked by donors for the geology program.

We are currently in the fund-raising stage for scholarships for the meteorology program but, unfortunately, are not able to offer any for meteorology students just now.

Undergraduate scholarships are available to eligible students who maintain a high grade point average and/or demonstrate need. Scholarships may not be available each year, depending on available funds. Most of our scholarships are made available through generous donations by our alumni.

Academic-Year Geology Scholarships

  • Russell Smith Tuition Scholarship
  • George Galloway Memorial Fund
  • L. C. Chapman Geology Scholarship
  • Rex Monahan Scholarship
  • Ed Hirsch Scholarship
  • Kelly Ahlschwede Scholarship
  • H. V. Anderson Scholarship

Geology Field Camp Scholarships

  • Field Camp Tuition Scholarship
  • Nebraska Gem & Mineral Club Scholarship
  • L. N. & A.W. Dexter Field Camp Scholarship

Other geology program scholarships

The Yatkola-Edwards Award is named in honor of two graduate students who were working on their Master's degrees in the 1970s. The Nebraska Geological Society makes two Y-E awards each year to students doing geologic research in Nebraska.

The Lincoln Gem & Mineral Club offers scholarships annually for Nebraska geology students.

The Nebraska Well Drillers Condra Scholarship requires that applicants were born in the United States, has sophomore standing or above, and enrolled full-time in any program leading to a career in the water well industry or in geology, hydrology, or hydrogeology.

How to apply for geology program scholarships

Geology Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Richard Kettler
321 Bessey Hall