Solid Earth

Structural Geology Burberry
Geophysics Filina
Igneous Petrology Elkins

Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironment

Western North America Fielding, Frank, Fritz, Secord
South America Fritz
Australia Fielding, Frank
Arctic and Antarctic Fielding, Frank, Harwood
Marine Frank, Harwood, Wagner


Micropaleontology Harwood, Fritz
Vertebrate paleontology Secord

Petroleum Geology

Petroleum Geology Burberry, Fielding, Filina,
Frank, Kettler

Sedimentary Geology

Carbonate sedimentology Frank
Diagenesis Kettler, Frank
Geomicrobiology Weber
Glacial geology Harwood
Marine geology Frank, Fielding, Harwood
Mineral deposits Kettler
Petroleum geology Burberry, Fielding
Sedimentology Fielding
Stratigraphy Fielding, Harwood