Geophysics Research Group


Summer camps "Discover Physics of Earth"

Since 2023, Dr. Filina and her students offer summer camps for high school students.  Students explore basic concepts of plate tectonics, interpret geological and geophysical maps, investigate different rocks and get a hands-on experience with various geophysical instruments. The ultimate camp’s goals are to trigger curiosity in geoscience and to provoke critical thinking about Earth systems and their relationship with geological hazards.

Football Induced Seismicity is an outreach project conducted by geology students enrolled in the GEOL441 Geophysics. We set up our TC-1 seismometer on the field level of Memorial Stadium during the Huskers home games and record game-related seismicity. The students are involved in all stages of the project from setting up the instrument and recording the signals to interpreting the records and presenting the results.

Football Induced Seismicity 1 Football Induced Seismicity 2
Football Induced Seismicity 3 Football Induced Seismicity 4
Football Induced Seismicity 5 Football Induced Seismicity 6

Dinosaurs and Disasters is an annual outreach event that the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences conducts jointly with the University of Nebraska State Museum. The UNL Geophysics team participates in these events since 2017. We set up "Seismic Station" where we demonstrate our TC-1 seismometer. We allow young visitors to jump near the instrument and observe their own quakes on the monitor. We also offer a series of seismic-related activities, such as crossword puzzles, coloring activities, triangulation exercises, etc.

Dinosaurs and Disasters 1 Dinosaurs and Disasters 2
Dinosaurs and Disasters 3 Dinosaurs and Disasters 4

                                                                                                                                   LPS Science Fair 2017

UNL Geophysics team also participates in the annual Lincoln Public School Science Fair events since 2017.

We teach the basics of seismology to elementary school kids, such as what are the differences between different types of seismic waves and how to locate the earthquake.

We also explain the principle of our TC-1 seismometer and allow kids to jump near the instrument to observe generated seismic waves on the monitor.