Photo Credit: Student Spotlight of Lilly Uhlmann
March 29, 2023

Majors: History and Global Studies

Minors: Archaeology and Math

Year in school: Senior

Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Favorite Book and Why?
My favorite book is probably I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, I can reread it a million times and never be bored of it.

Favorite Movie and Why?
My favorite movie at the moment is probably Cars, it just really has been making me laugh recently.

Why Global Studies?
I chose Global Studies and History for many reasons: I started as an Engineering major and I very quickly realized that environment wasn’t correct for me and wasn’t what I wanted for the rest of my life. After I switched into my current majors it was very obvious that it was a much better fit for what I needed. The type of conversations we were having in courses and the support that I had was never there previously. I am much more engaged and passionate about my courses and plans after graduation now that I switched into History and Global Studies.

Extracurricular Experiences:
I studied abroad in Grenoble, France this past summer and it was absolutely incredible. I didn’t know a single person there before I left, both through the program as well as traveling; I have found so many people that will now be life-long friends of mine. It completely changed my perspective on life and forced me to become more independent and confident in myself which I will always be thankful for.

I have also been involved in a volunteer internship with History Nebraska this semester and that experience has also been incredible in different ways. It has helped provide me with more hands-on and technical experience in archaeology that I was lacking. It has also allowed me to engage with people in potential careers and help me find the right path for me post graduation.

Post-Graduation Plans:
My post graduation plans are up in the air at the moment; I am hoping to move to France after graduation. I am planning on working outdoors at some point within National Parks Service or something similar. Additionally, I'm planning on going back to graduate school for museum studies to then hopefully work as a museum educator in the future. Many ideas, so if different opportunities arise and life happens, I will follow!