Alumnus Jim Linderholm lends a work of art and tests your geology knowledge

Photo Credit: Artwork of Nebraska map
January 11, 2019

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences thanks alumnus Jim Linderholm (B.S., geology, 1962) for loaning a beautiful piece of artwork in the form of a polished stone-relief geologic map of Nebraska created by artist Susan A. Judy. The map is on display in the main office, room 126 in Bessey Hall.

Linderholm is a member of the department's alumni advisory board as well as the leader of the College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Council.

Test your Nebraska geology knowledge

Here's a quiz created by Jim Linderholm:

1. The Permian Unit is represented by:
(a) Sodaform from Sweden
(b) Sodalite-syenite from Brazil
(c) I'm not into rocks
(d) Blue lagoon conglomerate

2. The Lower Cretaceous Unit is represented by:
(a) Fossiliferous Jasper
(b) Out of town Jasper
(c) Gray Shale with fossils
(d) British Columbia Jasper

3. The Artiodactyl Tooth is:
(a) Showing signs of decay
(b) Vorheesodon culvani
(c) Merycoidodon culbertsoni
(d) Really, really old

4. The Blue Chalcedony specimen is:
(a) A native Nebraska rock
(b) A gem mineral
(c) Drusy
(d) Real pretty

5. The Oligocene is represented by:
(a) A reddish-brown rock
(b) Tiny fossils in brown rock
(c) Orbicular rhyolite from Chihuahua
(d) More than 66 million years old

How many did you answer correctly?

5 - you rock!

4 - a solid foundation.

3 - seeing some cracks in your knowledge base?

2 - you need at least 3 correct answers for a geology pun.

1 - how about taking a geology course with us?

Answers: 1b, 2a, 3c, 4a, 5c.