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The problem solving is the major skill in rapidly changing world of hydrogeology. I teach five classes that meet requirements of Hydrogeology Specialization for graduate degree in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

Introductory courses in Groundwater Geology, Hydrogeology, or Groundwater Engineering are taught in our department or Department of Civil Engineering. In addition, we bring top specialists in hydrogeology-related sciences that share their expertise and instrumentation. And nothing can teach better than success of the first research project.


GEOL 372. Water and Earth Connections
(3 cr).Prereq:GEOL 101, GEOL 106, or METR 200, and concurrent Math 106, or permission. Lectures and assignments. Quantitative understanding of water-related processes in the earth sciences. This class builds problem solving skills applicable to a broad range of sciences and serves as a gateway to the earth science courses. Includes introduction to the Excel and Matlab basics.

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GEOL 472/872. Water in Geosciences
(3 cr ) Prereq: MATH 106 and 107; PHYS 141; and one of the following: GEOL 101 or 106 or METR 200. Lectures, assignments, exploratory exercises. Quantitative approach to water in geological media, earth surface and atmosphere. Analysis and coupling of physical processes involved in groundwater-surface-atmosphere interactions.

GEOL 470 Hydrogeology book cover

GEOL 470/870. Field Techniques in Hydrogeology
(3 cr) Prereq: GEOL 888 or permission. Combined lectures, laboratory, assigned problems, full day field trips, and seminars. Basic techniques, including field procedures, instruments, and software for data interpretation and characterization of groundwater flow and contaminant transport.

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GEOL 986. Contaminant Hydrogeology
(3 cr) Prereq: GEOL 888, MATH 208 or equivalent, or permission. Occurrence, behavior and remediation of contamination in geological media. Fundamentals of physical, mathematical, chemical, and engineering processes affecting movement of contaminants in the hydrogeological environment and their applications. Teamwork, projects, seminar presentations, field trips and invited lectures.

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GEOL 987. Seminar in Hydrogeology
(1-2 cr). Based on original literature, focus is on a single modern problem of hydrogeology, selected for entire student group. Designed to assist in formulating the research topic and organizing graduate study in a selected field. Topics vary.

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GEOL 988. Introduction to Groundwater Modeling
(3 cr) Prereq: GEOL 889, MATH 208 or equivalent or permission. Fundamentals of modeling techniques (analytical, semi-analytical, finite-difference and finite elements) to the solution of groundwater flow and mass transport problems. Emphasis on development of conceptual models for specific groundwater flow and transport conditions, selection of solution methods and software, performance of computer modeling, and interpretation of results.