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Associate Professor Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 206 Bessey Hall

The Deformation Research Group has two primary research directions; tectonic inheritance, and penetrative strain.  My students and I target these concepts using remote sensing, analog models, fieldwork and integration with available depth data.  Current field areas are the Rocky Mountains, in MT and CO, and I maintain links with colleages in the Middle East.  I have worked in the Zagros Simply Folded Belt, Iran-Iraq, the Kalimantan fold-thrust belt, Indonesia and the Llanos Basin in Colombia, as well as the Ozarks in AR and the Rockies. Current research projects are described in the linked page (see sidebar).

Selected Publications

Burberry, C.M. & Peppers, M.H., accepted. Fracture Characterization in Tight Carbonates: an example from the Ozark Plateau, AR. AAPG Bulletin

Lathrop, B.A.* & Burberry, C.M., accepted. Accommodation of penetrative strain during deformation above a ductile décollement. Lithosphere. Available online.

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