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Assistant Professor Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 223 Bessey Hall

Irina Filina is a Geophysicist leading the UNL Geophysics Research Group. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2007 with a PhD in Geophysics. She worked in the petroleum industry for 8 years before joining the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in 2016.

Welcome to the Geophysics Research Group at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln! Find us in Instagram @UNL_Geophysics

Please use the links on the right to find the general information about our group, the latest updates on the ongoing research projects, new geophysical courses offered at UNL and some research opportunities within our group. Please contact Irina Filina if you have any questions.

UNL Geophysics team news:

September 2023

  • Dr. Filina was awarded the J. B. Coffman Excellence Award for Teaching and Research in Geology
  • The paper by Kris Guthrie and Irina Filina was published by the Nebraska Academy of Sciences
*Guthrie, K., I. Filina, 2023, Two new absolute gravity base stations established in Lincoln, NE, Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, v. 43, pp. 5–12,

October 2023

  • UNL Geophysics team hosted the visit of Dr. Christian Hübscher
  • The paper by Asif Ashraf and Irina Filina was published by Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems
*Ashraf, A.,  I. Filina, Zones of weakness within the Juan de Fuca plate mapped from the integration of multiple geophysical data and their relation to observed seismicity, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems,

November 2023

  • Nutaila Al Hadidi won the People's Choice Award in the GIS Day Map Competition! Nutaila takes GEOL/METR/453/853 GIS in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences taught by Dr. Filina, and winning this award represents a great success for both her and the entire class.
  • Another paper by Asif Ashraf and Irina Filina was published by Tectonophysics

*Ashraf, A.,  I. Filina,  New 2.75-D gravity modeling reveals the low-density nature of propagator wakes in the Juan de Fuca plate, Tectonophysics

December 2023

  • The paper by two undergraduate authors from UNL Geophysics team will be published by The Leading Edge

*AlBadi, S., *E. Jacobson, I. Filina, Locating an old well in eastern Nebraska with a low-cost drone-based magnetic surveying system, The Leading Edge, v. 42 (12), p. 824-827,  PDF

  • The team will present six (!) posters at the annual convention of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, CA

January 2024

  • Our team (Team Nebraska) has been accepted into the SEG EVOLVE program! We have been allocated a region in the Gulf of Mexico to conduct the exploration exercise.  We are one of 12 teams accepted into this program from around the world and we are very proud to be part of this “virtual internship”. 

February 2024

  • We welcome  Ethan Stowell to our team as a new Undergraduate Research Assistant.  Great to have you with us, Ethan!
  • Dr. Filina will be on the IODP402 cruise until April 2024. Please check the cruise page for updates.

March 2024

Katie Steinauer received the Yatkola-Edwards fellowship from the Nebraska Geological Society for the academic year 2024-2025. Congratulations, Katie!


April 2024

  • The special section of The Leading Edge edited by Dr. Filina has been published

Filina, I.,  M. Fedi, J. Sun and A. Morgan, Introduction to special section: Gravity, electrical, and magnetic methods,  The Leading Edge, v. 43 (4), p. 208,

May 2024

  • Ethan Stowell received a stipend for the Summer of 2024 and for the academic year of 2024 - 2025 to work on a geophysical research project in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Great job, Ethan!
  • Morgan Madsen is awarded the UCARE support for the third year (!) to tie together her research projects in the Cascadia subduction zone! Very proud of you, Morgan! 
  • Hermione Lofton received a UCARE stipend for the Summer of 2024 to continue her research project in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Congratulations, Hermione!

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Seismic spread demonstration in GEOL101 class, November 9, 2022

Video (thanks to Nick Richard)

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